things to sip! 

Here is just a sampling of the wine, beer & spirits vendors that have so generously donated their time & creations for our guests to enjoy!


Richard Hirsh and his wife Diana instantly fell in love with the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains in 1986 and officially broke ground on the property in 1998.  In partnership with his brother Bill, the Hirsh family would embark on a decades long journey to develop Cielo Farms. Their passion for entrepreneurship and steadfast dedication to the wine making process has culminated in both the Woodstock & Estate Wine Collections.  Having planted their first grapes in 2001, with a focus on Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, their current assortment includes over a dozen different varieties, and can be found locally at the Four Seasons Westlake, Saddle Peak Lodge, Mastros Steakhouse, Soho House Malibu and Geoffrey’s Malibu to name a few.

barrelhouse 101

If you are a beer connoiseur on the hunt  for a craft beer or micro brew that you just can't seem to find in SoCal, paired with outstanding food, then Ventura's Barrelhouse 101 is your new favorite place! Barrelhouse has over one hundred craft beers and micro brews on their tap wall, an exceptional menu of high quality American cuisine, and some of the friendliest staff around that are eager to find the perfect beer for your palette. 

This year, Barrelhouse returns to the Hootenanny with their authentic, custom built tap truck, serving a select variety of their most sought after brews. 

short mountain distillery

Short Mountain Distillery's moonshiners bring to the table over 100 combined years of distilling experience. Short Mountain Shine is made with the time-honored skills of Cannon County, Tennessee moonshiners and is refined by the modern distilling practices of their Master Distiller Josh Smotherman. Short Mountain Shine is the best-tasting shine ever made, made even better. Higher quality, higher Proof.

malibu family wines

Explore the diverse wine offerings from Malibu Wines including Saddlerock, Semler,King of the Mountains, and other featured bottles all sourced from grapes grown from the vineyards of Saddlerock Ranch. Ocean air, luscious sky, impeccable grapes, classic soil – each sip is a memory produced with love and affection from the locals. Viva Malibu!

figueroa mountain brewing co.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. planted its roots in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country nestled in the valley below Figueroa Mountain, home to three generations of the Dietenhofer Family, its founders.  Inspired by historical locations settled by pioneers and travelled by those with an adventurous spirit, FigMtnBrew works with the finest quality ingredients and pays homage to its homeland by making award-winning craft beer worthy of its namesake.

st. petersburg vodka

The generous mixture of pristine water from Lake Ladoga and the highest quality of organic winter wheat is what makes up the flawless elements found in every bottle of St Petersburg Vodka. The mixture of these elements is allowed to ferment naturally until perfected. Then small-batch alembic distillation is used to remove impurities and separate alcohol. Yes, a bit of science—or maybe art but either way, this kind of commitment to excellence delivers a vodka you have to taste!


Buzzbox premium cocktails was founded in 2012 and is quickly becoming America’s favorite cocktail. Using only fresh, natural ingredients their assortment of 8 hand-crafted, ready-to-go classics  are made using top-quality spirits, real juices and all-natural flavors. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used – ever. Chill, Shake and Enjoy!

wine boss

Wine Boss founder and Owner, Thomas Booth discovered a passion for planting small lot vineyards and creating boutique wines from the grapes thereof. In an effort to support “the little guys,” Wine Boss serves low production, high quality wines and craft beers both local and from beyond Paso Robles. 

whiteclaw hard seltzer

White Claw Hard Seltzer is made using a blend of seltzer water, their gluten free BrewPure alcohol, and 
a hint of fruit. Whiteclaw's 5 fruit flavors contain only 100 calories, 2g sugar, and all natural flavors.


Award-Winning, Estate Grown, 100% de Agave Tequila from the actual town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Born from a volcano and blue agave. Shaped by generations of Jimadores. Cared for by all those who eat, drink, and live Tequila every day. 


Really, who puts it better than founders George Clooney and Randy Gerber...?

"We love Casamigos on the rocks, by the shot and at times straight from the bottle. Our idea was to create the best tasting, smoothest Tequilas and Mezcal, that don’t have to be covered up with salt or lime. So we did."